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Electronics Upgrade Photos and Thwarted Thefts

It’s been all quiet on the Fortified Front. Apologies for the radio silence, we’ve cranking in the lab and working with manufacturers. Here’s the scoop.

1. Our new Electrical Engineer is more awesome than Doc from Back To The Future. He’s a MIT guy who built a speech recognition computer. IN 1978! We decided to give the Afterburner/Aviator electronics a major upgrade. This means more efficiency, faster charging, and smarter functions on a smaller PCB footprint.  If your friends missed the Kickstarter, they can still Pre-Order.


2. Every week, we get a new Thwarted Theft photo from a customer. This one came from Hector, an old MIT classmate. The would-be thief stripped the screwhead trying to steal it, but The Defender saved the day.

3. We’re in final negotiations with our manufacturer. It’s been a long, hard bidding process as we’ve been choosing a manufacturer. Several had the right price, but we questioned their quality. The manufacturer we’re (probably) using costs much more in tooling and part price, but it’s worth it for a lifelong bike light product. More info to come.



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  1. Nice to see the Gotham name lives on, even if it’s hidden inside on the PCB!

    Thankfully it seems as if even one look at my Defender is enough to put off light thieves, but I’m glad that it seems even tooled up thieves are unable to run off with our lighting.

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