Reinventing The Wheel

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Can you guess the one way to stop an INVINCIBLE bike?

No it’s not kryptonite, silly cyclist.

We’re talking about brakes! Specifically, the brakes we equipped our new INVINCIBLE bike with!

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What makes a Tire INVINCIBLE?


For a bike to truly be INVINCIBLE, it needs to ride on tires that are beefy enough to eat curbs for breakfast without being fat and clunky.

After months of testing, we found the happy medium

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The Evolution of the Invincible Seat

1. Absorbed like a sponge, 2. Pain in the butt, 3. Comfy but water pools on it, 4. No pool but not comfy, 5. Comfy but ugly, 6. FORTIFIED!

When it comes to building the world’s best bike, every component counts.

None, however is more important to your comfort than your saddle.

Let’s dive into the details of how we chose Invincible’s seat and what we cared about.

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Behind the Scenes of Building Invincible: Factory X


Check out our first behind the scenes update from “Factory X”  where Invincible is being made!

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Pranking Bike Thieves 101

If it’s true that there’s a special place in hell for bike thieves, then these pranksters deserve their own section of heaven.

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